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Dr. Carley's listing of the endless uses for Colloidal Silver

The most important document available about the fact that all levels of government, courts, agencies, police, etc, are for profit corporations listed on Dunn & Bradstreet can be found at this LINK

Information to parents and caregivers, who believe that they have been falsely accused of harming a child who became ill or died unexpectedly in their care LINK

For excellent information on what vaccines do to our pets specifically, see www.canine-health-concern.org.uk Their DVD "In Search of the Truth About Dogs" has just won Best DVD of 2008 from the Dog Writers Association of America

Free online book on how to naturally resolve any pest problem http://www.thebestcontrol2.com

MCS-GLOBAL www.mcs-global.org

Awareness, Education, Information & Recognition of Chemical Sensitivity, Chemical Hypersensitivity, Chemical Injury, MCS & other chemically induced illnesses & diseases affecting civilians & military personnel

To learn about GMO (genetically modified organisms) in food, please go to www.responsibletechnology.org




Bumper Stickers, CDs, T-shirts and more at Dr. Carley's Cafe Press What's Ailing America Products shop.





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