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THEY ARE LYING!!! "Ebola" as a Virus Does NOT Exist and Is NOT "Spread"

*Updated 7/14/17* DRCARLEY.COM can be accessed HERE

*Updated 10/08/16* Dr. Carley starts a brand New Radio show every Sunday Noon-2 PM Eastern Time starting tomorrow- 10/09/16..WEBSITE HERE Dr.Carley has over the years given untold free consults and help to many people and as a result finds herself in the situation of being behind on her overhead and urgently needs your support. If you have been helped by her with a consult whether free or you paid for it, or if you have been enlightened by her information, by talk shows or through her website, you are encouraged to send a donation to her so she can continue to finish her books and have them published. This will also help with keeping her website alive so more information can be posted. She also wants folks to call her on her cell: 812-390-5099 Her need is urgent and immediate! Posted by: Sheldon/Webmaster & over the last few years, MANY links throughout this Website have become "DEAD", so let me know if there's a Particular item you're looking for & perhaps I can retrieve it somehow... I can be contacted via email ( gem3intucson@q.com ) for any comments, suggestions, etc. as well..Thank you on behalf of Dr. Carley.

*( Updated 9/15/15)*
Dr. Carley has taken her show off Veterans Truth Radio due to the fact that the station has started charging for archives, thus potential guests are no longer willing to com on the show as they are not allowed to post links to the show on their websites

Dr Carley has been labeling vaccines as bioweapons for many years. Now it has been reported that deaths in Ukraine after the H1N1 vaccine indicate it IS a bioweapon: LINK

In addition, this article on the "genome project" identifies its true purpose is to target specific populations ethnically: LINK . This explains why the populations of so many Muslim countries are being targeted for vaccination with bioweapons, as the goal is to wipe out as many of them as possible since they don't do usury (which the banksters use to enslave us financially). It is obvious to me that 2 groups being targeted in the US are native Americans and African Americans...

There has never been a case where improvement did not occur, how much improvement results depends on:

  1. If the client/student is willing to do what needs to be done
  2. How old the client is (the younger the faster things happen)
  3. How long the problem has been present (the longer the more deeply ingrained it is)
  4. Whether the client is willing to replace toxic drugs with natural therapies (for example, chemo & radiation both cause cancer, thus if you actually want to reverse cancer you need to reverse the cause, not continue to poison yourself)
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